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The different incentives offered for switching to solar energy allow homeowners to save more on utility costs than they ever thought possible. The new, limited-time government rebates and programs, like the 30% Federal Tax Credit, are making 2019 a great year to install solar. Rebates and Incentives vary by region - to see what’s available in your area, get started below.

How To Go Solar with No Upfront Cost

Between Federal and State incentives and rebates, it’s now possible to install a complete solar panel system in your home with zero out of pocket expense. Combine this with an immediate reduction in your energy bill, and you can start to see why so many homeowners are going solar.

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The Many Advantages of Solar Panels

Lower your electric bill, increase your property value, reduce your tax liability, and help the environment. Stop making your utility company rich and start building your own savings by locking in a low energy rate that will last for decades.

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