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Texas Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing

Also known as PACE, Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing gives Texans the option to finance a solar panel system installation by placing an assessment on their land. The amount that is financed can then be paid via property taxes on a yearly basis until the system is paid off. It’s important to note that not all local governments offer PACE financing. Let Energybillcruncher connect you to a few local installers so you can learn more!

Federal Tax Credit

In addition to the above, Texans who install a solar system and own said system get the added benefit of the Federal Investment Tax Credit. This credit allows solar owners to deduct 26% of the system’s cost from their Federal taxes. Starting in 2021, that percentage is expected to drop to 22% and will likely continue to fall as the years go on, so don’t delay when it comes to exploring your panel options!


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