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Leads Generated in House

We have over 15 years of experience generating high quality web leads for our clients. With us, there is no third party. Our marketing team leverages media buys across premium channels to produce solar leads that convert.

Robust Quality Control

Our proprietary, lead-scoring technology scrubs and validates leads in real time to ensure you are connected with customers who are ready to install solar systems in their home.

Advanced Targeting & Filters

Target the exact type of homeowners you want while filtering out the ones you don’t. From specific zip codes to local utility companies, we can customize your leads to fit your needs.

Close More Installs

We work closely with our partners to ensure we're hit-ting target conversion numbers. Our team will help you optimize your campaigns to maximize what's working and eliminate what's not. Your success is our success.

How We Generate Leads That Convert

Streamline your sales flow in four simple steps.

1. Homeowner Engagement

Our targeted ads bring high intent solar customers directly to the website.

2. Collect Information

The homeowner enters all their info to see if their home is in fact eligible for solar panels.

3. Quality Assurance

To ensure the highest quality, our propietary algorithms scrub and validate leads in real time.

4. Contact & Close

Connect with homeowners in their local market who are ready to make the switch to solar now.

Tried & Proven Results

Gain access to premium solar leads that convert, & increase your ROI.


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