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Thinking of going solar?

Kick off your solar exploration with the assistance of our solar resources, each specifically designed to answer your solar questions, exploring your solar savings, incentives, and rebates, what your solar options are, and why switching to solar could benefit you long-term.

Solar Calculator

Need help determining how much solar power you need to run your home? Utilize our user-friendly solar calculator to clarify how much energy your electronics use, what size solar panels would be ideal for your property, and calculate the average sunlight your solar panels need to power your home.

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Solar Net Metering

Solar Net Metering is a utility rate program that allows your power company to buy unused solar energy from your solar panels. You can get paid by selling the solar energy that doesn’t get used back to the grid! Solar Net Metering incentives vary by state. Enter your zip code above to get a free quote based on the incentives offered in your state and get paid the sunshine way.

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Zero Down Solar

With solar financing arrangements, a solar company will install a solar system on your roof at no upfront cost! See if you qualify for zero down solar in less than 2 minutes!

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Solar Incentives & Rebates

See if you qualify and take advantage of solar incentives such as State and Federal incentives, Government solar programs, solar rebates, net metering, and more!

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Solar Energy Basics

Are you new to the solar world and need more information? We’ve got you covered with a unique resource page that breaks down the ins and outs of solar energy, how it works, the benefits of switching to solar, and how solar panels can help you save.

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