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South Carolina Homeowners Get The Most Solar Incentives in the Southeast

With extremely forward thinking, solar-friendly policies and substantial tax credits and rebates, South Carolina homeowners are slashing their electric bills in half while seeing a sizeable return on their solar panel system investment. But how can you take advantage of the state’s multitude of incentives, rebates, and credits from day 1? The answer is EnergyBillCruncher.

Solar Panel Tax Credits

Homeowners who purchase their solar panel system outright are eligible for a generous state tax credit that covers 25% of your total system cost. For taxpayers who may not meet the minimum threshold to claim the credit, it can be carried over to the following fiscal year.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit

The ITC, also known as The Federal Investment Tax Credit, is also available to South Carolina homeowners who purchase their solar panel system outright. This credit amounts to 30% of your solar system’s cost after deducting the value of your state rebates. But this one isn’t going to be around forever. By the end of 2019 ITC credits will drop from 30% to 26%. The following year, after 12/31/2020, the tax credits for installations will drop to 22%. This is one of many reasons why it makes sense to go solar now.

Hassle Free Loans Provide Zero Out Of Pocket Installations

Agreements and loan terms can be customized based on your needs, resulting in complete solar panel system installations with zero out of pocket upfront for the homeowner. Our specialists will work with you hand in hand to ensure you take advantage of all the state and federal incentives, credits, and rebates that are available to the South Carolina homeowner. We’ll even handle all of the paperwork, streamlining the process for you to get your solar panel system installed hassle free. So just sit back and watch as your energy bill gets crunched in half.


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