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Utah solar incentives and rebates

Utah Solar Incentives & Rebates

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Going Solar Is Simple With Utah Solar Incentives And Rebates

Utah is an excellent state to go solar! With abundant sunshine and substantial Utah solar incentives and rebates, it is worth investing in a solar energy system in the Beehive State. Being the 9th sunniest state in the U.S. with an 84.92% in a year, that is sufficiently high to power up solar panels. Furthermore, the cost of solar equipment has considerably decreased over the last ten (10) years, which is why Utah ranks 12th in solar conversion. Because of this, property owners in Utah can have more accessibility to going solar!

Utah Solar Incentives, Rebates, Tax Credits, and Benefits

Utah Federal Tax Credit

All Utah property owners of a solar panel system can enjoy a Federal tax credit. Thanks to the Solar Investment Tax Credit, those who have installed a solar panel system can deduct 30% of their cost from their Federal tax. This year, 2023, decreased in 2033 and 2034 to 22% before 2035.

Utah Renewable Portfolio Standards

Utah voluntary Renewable Portfolio Standard suggests that 20% of all the state's energy should come from a renewable source by 2025. Companies are more inclined to offer aggressive incentives and rebates to help meet that goal.

Utah Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

Eligible property owners may qualify for a 30% tax credit versus the system cost.

Utah Net Metering

Even though net metering in Utah is not mandated by law, the clientele of Rocky Mountain Power provides excellent net metering. With net metering, owners of solar energy systems receive credits for the electricity they contribute to the grid. This is particularly helpful for those who use only some of the electricity their solar panels generate.

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Utah Clear Interconnection Standards

Interconnection standards in Utah are the rules everyone must follow regarding how a renewable energy system can be connected to the electricity grid. Interconnection standards are the rules that solar and other electrical generation systems must follow to connect to the power grid. The clear interconnection standards of Utah make it much easier for companies to offer net metering.

Utah Solar Rebates

Utah has a state rebate program for those who go solar. This kind of solar incentive is another reason many homeowners switch to solar. Solar power rebates help reduce the cost of installing panels and can be a lump sum payment or an amount taken off the final installation price. Rebates require paperwork, but the installer will assist with the required forms!

Utah Solar Tax Credits

Above all the great solar incentives and rebates available, Utah offers solar tax credits in the form of 25% of a solar system's purchase and installation costs, up to $2,000. But this solar tax credit was reduced to $800 last December 31, 2022, and then $400 until the beginning of 2024.

Utah Sales Tax Exemptions

Utah provides a sales tax exemption for the investment of a solar energy system for industrial and commercial purposes. And if you are looking for another reason to go solar in Utah, the state offers tax exemptions on PV systems with a 2MW capacity or more significant. Opt for a system without having to pay sales tax on it? It's a win-win benefit for industrial and commercial owners!

Utah Solar Easements and Rights

Utah has prevailing Solar Easements and Rights Laws that support property owners working with their neighbors to ensure accessibility to solar installation and guarantee sufficient sunlight coverage. Moreover, the solar easement and rights laws prohibit the developers from denying or obstructing the property owner's solar energy system.

Utah Solar Incentives And Rebates At A Glance

Utah ample sunlight and the attractive solar incentives and rebates available for property owners make an excellent investment for the Beehive state to invest in solar panels. We strongly encourage you to partner with a reputable solar company to explore the best options for going solar!


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